UPDATE!!! (02/01/99)

(02/01/00) Sayonara old friend!

(9/9/99) It runs! We're driving it now, trying to get it ready for an event at Lime Rock PArk, but that looks unlikely. However, I'm tickled it's all done this far. Keep watch here for updates!

(8/9/99) Good things come to those that wait... The engine is FINALLY installed. My guy has decided he's damn tired of it crowding his shop, and it's the top priority for him to complete this car.

The engine is in, and it's a top-notch rebuild. Balanced, blueprinted, detailed. I'm quite happy. The rollcage is going back in, as is the window net and a new 5-point seat harness. All new rollcage padding is ordered, and I'm looking for a good set of used race tires.

Bottom line, now, is that the car is probably no longer for sale, certainly not at the old price. The plan now is to make it to the PDA event at Lime Rock Park on 9/11/99.

See you there!

(5/3/99) Hey, we're gettin' close!!! All of the parts are in, the engine and rod machine work is all done, everything's cleaned up, and we're finally in re-assembly. Could we possibly have it done this month...???

I haven't heard from my potential buyer in a few months (how can you keep someone's attention for a year...?!?!) so maybe I should just re-install the rollcage and start hitting some events at Lime Rock Park...

(2/15/99) Yeah, I know. I'm still waiting too...

(12/31/98) Guess what? STILL rebuilding the engine! Argh. Well, the guy promised me he'd have it ready by the end of the year. That's today. I'm going looking for him tonight (he did mention that I'm probably going to want to keep it for myself and not sell it after all aggravation...?)

(10/07/98) Well, we're still right in the middle of this top-quality overhaul. My summer has been "work hell" (I'm a Networking Engineer, and I've had to travel all over the country this year). I told the guy that's working on it that it's not a high priority; he took me to my word.

Without any potential buyers so far and since I don't plan to drive it too much, I'm still in no particular hurry. Call me with a deal and I'll have it done in 2 weeks, tops.

(6/13/98) We're right in the middle of a top-quality engine overhaul. We're doing it right: .5 mm oversize using a good boring machine and a torque honing plate, Mopar Performance cast pistons, re-sizing the rod ends, etc. We're putting a new head on it (last one was cracked between the valve seats), we'll "relieve" the the head casting area between intake valves, lightly port is for flow clean up, and we'll make sure all of the rest of the parts are in good shape and replace as required.

All rotating parts will be balanced, and all dimensions will be blueprinted.

I'm hoping that the car will be back on the road around August 15. Contact me if you're interested in buying it or you need more information.

(5/27/98) We pulled the engine apart and found two pistons with broken ring lands. The cylinder walls look real good and are round, but we're going to pull the engine out and apart and bore it out 0.5 mm and put in overbore pistons. I'm searching right now for good cast (preferably Mahle) oversize pistons, but everyone I've asked says they're not available. The possibility exists that I may have to put in forged JE pistons, but those are $350 a set instead of $120 for the cast.I'm going to avoid the high silicon and/or hypereutectic pistons; I've heard they're brittle and tend to break in our turbo engines.

(4/15/98) Since the last update to this web site, I noticed a dramatic increase in oil blowing out the top of the engine. With these cars, it can only mean one thing: excessive blow-by. I've done a leak-down on the engine, and it's definitely leaking Big Time past the pistons. I suspect this was caused by aggressive ignition timing and I suspect broken rings or ring lands on the pistons. I have not yet pulled it apart to verify.

Therefore, the engine will need, at a minimum, rings and pistons. I estimate this as $750 job, unless you do the work yourself.