MRV the Audi - Greg's Audi 200 quattro

The Photos

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Photos courtesy Brett Dikeman and These were taken May 6, 2000 at the NEQ Driver's School at Lime Rock Park:

More pictures of the Audi at a Northeast Region Quattro Club USA event, August 27, 1999. Photos courtesy of Jim Griffin.

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(gotta love the rain in a quattro!)

Here's some photos taken at Lime Rock Park, at a Performance Driver's Association event in early Fall '99. These are of the car diving into Turn One with the BIRA System One brakes. Photos courtesy of Neil Swanson.

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More Neil Swanson photos. These were taken May 2000 in Norwalk, CT. We're flying formation down a boulevard in Norwalk; I'm flying wingman on Jon Linkov in his A4, with Neil hanging out the passenger side window.

Also are photos of the BIRA System Two brakes.

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