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Subject: RE: Suspension setups for 200q20v's

> where did you source everything from, and what P'N's do I need?

Today's your lucky day. I just finished filing a lot of car-related paperwork:

I got both springs and shocks from ASI, Anderson &Stiehl Inc, El Cajon, CA. I think they dba RD Enterprises, Inc. 800-683-2890, 619-444-9766. Best prices I could find, and they had the stuff in stock.

The H&R spring kit is part number 29800, I paid $299.00 plus $24 shipping.

The front Bilsteins Sport inserts are P36-0369, I paid $106.00 each.

The rear Bilstein Sport inserts are B46-2066, I paid $103.00 each.

Total shipping charge for the 4 Bilsteins was $17. (I had ordered the H&Rs and thought I was going to source the Bilsteins from someone else. "Someone else" tried to bait and switch me, so I went back and ordered them later from ASI.)

I also ordered new upper spring pads from Wolfsport. These are the thinner 3-tab ones, about 1/8" thinner than the stock US ones. This was to help balance out the front-to-rear height a little bit; I always thought the car sat a little too ass-end down. Paid $35 total, including shipping, for those pads.

> How much did this combo lower the car? I really don't want to end up with the car lowered very much at all.

Not near as much as H&R claimed it would. We compared the car to Avedis' 200tqa last weekend, and I think the average difference was about 3/4"; H&R claimed it would lower it 1.2-1.5" (I was actually disappointed that it DIDN'T lower the car more <grin> but I'm happy with it now). My opinion as to why it didn't drop it as much as they expected is because I'm sure they designed that drop with factory shocks; the Bilsteins are gas-pressurized and provide a modicum of load bearing. I just went outside and measured the car; center of wheel to fender lip: about 14-3/8" front, 13-3/8" rear.